Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Working at doing the regular social bookmarking submissions

I am using the word « regular » social bookmaking submissions because this is really basic stuff on how to drive traffic to a blog or a Web site. Even beginners like myself understand its importance. I am already active on Twitter – but it’s actually one of the only bookmarking places where I am active, including My Lot.

I plan to begin a major bookmarking campaign for my major Web site, My First 50 00$. In order to do so, I plan to follow a list that I found on Social Poster. I lean the existence of the service in a newsletter I subscribe to. The author is Shane Higginbottom of making-money-blogging.com

I first complete the offer. Social poster is about a social submitter. Its allow user to easily submit their site to up to 160 social and bookmark sites. I did it manually as they suggest. But the list they present can also be use as a guideline list.

I plan to register on each site one per one… And later on, I will do it for all of my blogs. But I will start with one blog for now to see the results on my traffic and if results are good, I might move on and do the same for all of my blogs. Remember, the idea at first is to get 60 000 visitors per month on 200 blogs… Will it be realizable? Probably not lol.

I start with My First 50 000$ because its mine favorite and it’s also the only blog for which I had purchased a domain address. Social bookmaking represents a lot of hard work. I am still into the whole make-money-by-blogging concept and I might only give up when all of my efforts will be vain.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The benefits of being active on forums

Being active on forums can help to bring traffic to your blog. It’s also a good way to share experiences with other bloggers. This is not a new tips, it’s actually a very common tips that is very commonly provided on tips on how to increase traffic on Web pages and blogs. But I wanted to share my personnel experience with My Lot.

My experience with My Lot

I had been active on My Lot since 2007. My Lot is actually the only forum where I had been active so far. I love my experience on My Lot. Members are friendly and most of my posts had received answers by other users. My Lot cover varieties of topics and you will certainly find a section that fir to your interests.

Also, each time you post a topic on My Lot, you earn a small, but a very small amount of money… but you received money. For this year, I am at 9 cents… When I start on My Lot back on 2007, I had one blog only, Homespace. My Lot definitely helps me to drive traffic to my blog. My profile had been view almost 800 times in 3 years. I had not been very active on My Lot lately. I post on My Lot whenever I have time or when I have some relevant questions to ask. My Lot is a very enjoyable forum.

Get a nice and elegant template… for free!

Getting a beautiful template for your blog is a nice way to advertise. A nice template will help to drive traffic to your blog. I really like to get new templates for each of the blogs I own. I did multiple researches and come with those 2 great Web sites that I am happy to share with you. It can be difficult to find good quality of templates online but you should like those 2 Web sites because they contain very good templates. I never had any problem to download them or to install them as template for my blogs

I test those 2 Web sites. Their templates are compatible with Blogger Google platform:

Free Blogger Templates for your Blog

Our Blogger Templates

All downloads are free of charges! Enjoy!

My tips and tricks:

Before downloading any template, don’t forget to save the content of all of your gadgets in a Word document, just to make sure you won’t lose anything among the way. Don’t worry about your posts, they will remain in place even if you change your template.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Many followers on Twitter do not necessarily mean more traffic

I now have 664 followers on Twitter. My Adsense profits had increase a bit, but I am still far away from the goal I give myself: to earn 200$ per month from Google Adsense. A goal need to begin somewhere.

Many factors are to take in consideration, like the fact that I cannot publish on other places than Blogger. So far, 2 articles of mine had been refused by Associated Content. As a French speaker, I need to work more on my English. Since I do not know better, it’s terribly difficult to improve my English skills by myself.

Because more traffic = more money…

But – I am really having a hard time to drive traffic to my multiple blogs. Each blog of mine provide an average of 10 visitors per day. For my top blog, My First 50 000$ – its generally just a bit more than 10 visitors per day. It’s certainly not with 10 or 20 visitors per day I am going to be able to make 200$ per month with Adsense.

But let’s see things like this: how about 10 visitors per day on multiple blogs? What if I open multiple blogs – and write on each of them on a regular basis – wouldn’t make it possible to for me to make 200$ with Adsense? I might be wrong, but I believe I need at least an overall of 60 000 visitors per month to make 200$ from Adsense. Working with the average of 10 visitors per day, I will probably need 200 blogs in order to make 200$ per month from Google Adsense. Its mind sound crazy, but this is actually what I am looking forward to do. And will see if I can make 200$ per month with Google Adsense.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why do I blog?

I had received a message from a Twitter friend asking me why I was blogging. I am blogging for different reasons. One of them being to practice my English. I am French Canadian and here like anyplace else, good English skills are highly needed on the workplace. Unfortunately lol, Canada is a bilingual country. Also later on, I would very much move back to the Maritimes – but only once I will have build a stronger portfolio – maybe in less than 5 years if I am lucky. I blog about my investments on another blog of mine, My First 50 000$.

Another reason will be that I like to write as an hobby. Since blogging is free and that Google make it so easy to blog through their Blogger interface well, I am in the game. I begin actively blogging back in 2007. I enjoy blogging from the start. It’s a lot of fun.

And also, another reason will be that blogging is a free activity. It’s kind of nice to be able to build something by our own without having to think about anything being finance related. No more will I enough money to do this or this… And in those recession time, I really need a free activity to entertain myself. It’s basically one of the reason why I own multiple blogs. I now have something of my own that I can invest myself in without having to think about anything else.

And of course, I like blogging because it’s possible to make money from a blog. And until the “possibility” remains, I will be in and I will continue blogging. But I do not blog only for the money – but because I really like it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

600 followers on Twitter in less than a week!

I move from 40 to almost 600 followers in less than one week on Twitter. And it’s all due to John Chow! John Chow is an online entrepreneur. He had developed an application that allow users to gain followers extremely easily.

One major problem I had as a blogger is to find a way to drive traffic to my blog. And Twitter can be part of a solution. Working at driving traffic to a blog can represent a lot of work. Twitter is a fun and easy way to drive traffic to a blog. John Chow tool makes it easier than ever to get hundreds of followers on Twitter.

Last weekend, I registered to John Chow Twitter tool. I add all of the 27 pages of followers to my Twitter account. This tool is perfect for me as I am willing to follow anyone who follows me in return. I begin to visit some Web sites of my followers, but of course, I was not able to visit all of them in one weekend. But I was able to give some clicks away. Gradually, I plan visit all of my followers Web site. The task is not easy, as my number of followers continue to grow each day!

As a blogger, I never really visited other people blogs or Web site before. I am glade to be on Twitter – its makes an opportunity to chek on other people profiles and visits blogs and different Web sites. Some are in Twitter just to be there and do not advertise any blog or Web site. Some – like myself – advertise their Web site on their post. Twitter allows user to do such things.

At a point, Twitter could become just a text and link, text and link kind of deal and people could advertise without any interference with any other members. Problem being that we are all working for one goal: make money from our blog or Web site. And it’s not rare on Twitter to see people – like myself lol – pushing and pushing, advertising and advertising, over and over again lol.

It’s the reason why I believe its important to try to reply to some other posts, visit blogs, leave some comments – to show a bit of support. It’s not easy to try to make money from a blog or a Web site. But John Chow is wonderful and make thousands of dollars from his blog-Web site each month and more than that – he actually provide free info on how to make money from our own blog or Web site.

Just Fantastic!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Pixel Ads for Bloggers

That’s the title of a new site I just find out about: Free Pixel Ads for Bloggers.

With this Web site, you can get some free pixels that will directly connect to your blog whenever somebody clicks on your pixels logo. And it’s free!

In exchange, you just have to put an ad of Free Pixel Ads for Bloggers in your blog, which I find a good deal. The Web page had been running for a while now and I like to take a look at the page from time to time. So far, the Web page had received more than one million visitors.

Visit the Web site of Free Pixel Ads for Bloggers right away and received a free publicity ad! Isn’t great? There still plenty of space available. So hurry up, register and promote your blog. Remember, it’s FREE.

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