Friday, May 15, 2009

Many followers on Twitter do not necessarily mean more traffic

I now have 664 followers on Twitter. My Adsense profits had increase a bit, but I am still far away from the goal I give myself: to earn 200$ per month from Google Adsense. A goal need to begin somewhere.

Many factors are to take in consideration, like the fact that I cannot publish on other places than Blogger. So far, 2 articles of mine had been refused by Associated Content. As a French speaker, I need to work more on my English. Since I do not know better, it’s terribly difficult to improve my English skills by myself.

Because more traffic = more money…

But – I am really having a hard time to drive traffic to my multiple blogs. Each blog of mine provide an average of 10 visitors per day. For my top blog, My First 50 000$ – its generally just a bit more than 10 visitors per day. It’s certainly not with 10 or 20 visitors per day I am going to be able to make 200$ per month with Adsense.

But let’s see things like this: how about 10 visitors per day on multiple blogs? What if I open multiple blogs – and write on each of them on a regular basis – wouldn’t make it possible to for me to make 200$ with Adsense? I might be wrong, but I believe I need at least an overall of 60 000 visitors per month to make 200$ from Adsense. Working with the average of 10 visitors per day, I will probably need 200 blogs in order to make 200$ per month from Google Adsense. Its mind sound crazy, but this is actually what I am looking forward to do. And will see if I can make 200$ per month with Google Adsense.

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Event Management India said...

Yup. It basically means how effective we use twitter and interact with others.

parambhole16 said...

try chitika

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