Wednesday, May 13, 2009

600 followers on Twitter in less than a week!

I move from 40 to almost 600 followers in less than one week on Twitter. And it’s all due to John Chow! John Chow is an online entrepreneur. He had developed an application that allow users to gain followers extremely easily.

One major problem I had as a blogger is to find a way to drive traffic to my blog. And Twitter can be part of a solution. Working at driving traffic to a blog can represent a lot of work. Twitter is a fun and easy way to drive traffic to a blog. John Chow tool makes it easier than ever to get hundreds of followers on Twitter.

Last weekend, I registered to John Chow Twitter tool. I add all of the 27 pages of followers to my Twitter account. This tool is perfect for me as I am willing to follow anyone who follows me in return. I begin to visit some Web sites of my followers, but of course, I was not able to visit all of them in one weekend. But I was able to give some clicks away. Gradually, I plan visit all of my followers Web site. The task is not easy, as my number of followers continue to grow each day!

As a blogger, I never really visited other people blogs or Web site before. I am glade to be on Twitter – its makes an opportunity to chek on other people profiles and visits blogs and different Web sites. Some are in Twitter just to be there and do not advertise any blog or Web site. Some – like myself – advertise their Web site on their post. Twitter allows user to do such things.

At a point, Twitter could become just a text and link, text and link kind of deal and people could advertise without any interference with any other members. Problem being that we are all working for one goal: make money from our blog or Web site. And it’s not rare on Twitter to see people – like myself lol – pushing and pushing, advertising and advertising, over and over again lol.

It’s the reason why I believe its important to try to reply to some other posts, visit blogs, leave some comments – to show a bit of support. It’s not easy to try to make money from a blog or a Web site. But John Chow is wonderful and make thousands of dollars from his blog-Web site each month and more than that – he actually provide free info on how to make money from our own blog or Web site.

Just Fantastic!

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